Friday, October 26, 2012

Currently: October (tho LATE, tho sad)

Dagnabit.  How is it already nearly NOVEMBER!?


Yes, I literally just let out a big sigh.  *ding ding ding*  Sorry, "sigh" was one of our vocabulary words a few weeks ago, and we always *ding* when we hear or read one of our fab vocab words.

Is it just me, or am I exhausted, downtrodden, and beat down by this school year?  I am LOVING my students, even though they are quite the challenging bunch.  I LOVE teaching.  Problem?  I haven't been doing much quality teaching.  I'm too busy collecting data, progress monitoring, and trying to finish up district math assessments (that were started over a month ago) (yes, they have taken that long) (they are 6 pages long and to be administered individually) AND report card data since grades are due Tuesday morning.  *SIGH* *dingdingding*

Farley had a post that explained my feelings EXACTLY, and if you are feeling overwhelmed and beaten down, you should read it.     FARLEY'S POST

Anyway, so as not to be too big of a Debbie Downer, let's move on, shall we?

Some YAYS:

Yay #1:  Red Ribbon Week is over (yes, it's fun, but 3 special programs/assemblies in 1 week is TOO MANY for those of use who like the children to PAY ATTENTION when we talk).

Yay #2:  Fall Conferences are over.  Our district rocks b/c the kids get Columbus Day off and we do conferences the whole day.  Yes, I scheduled several on other days, but I still had 17 that day.  SEVENTEEN.  Yes, my voice hurt at the end of the day.  Yes, my mouth hurt from smiling.  But they went well.

Yay #3:  Even though I haven't blogged over here in AGES, I've been keeping up very well with my classroom blog.  If you'd like to see SOME of what we've been up to in my classroom (aside from the assessments, of course), visit us over at:  MRS. COCKRELL'S CLASS

Yay #4:  The Vampire Diaries is back on.  Holy Ian Somerhalder.  Jeezus Pete, do I love him, LOL.  But don't tell my hubs.  Wait.  I think my hubs already knows.  But don't like, rub it in.  ;)

Yay #5:  I'm working on some new Daily 5 Technology Choice Menus, and I'm pumped for when they're done!

Onto the best part!  Farley's CURRENTLY PARTAY!  (Thanks, Farley.  You rock.)

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