Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Made It.

Friday, when the little man was napping, I got lots of fun stuff done!

Take a looksie.

Here are my little table buckets I started last week by adding ribbon to them.  Friday I cut out the tags and vinyl numbers on my Cricut.  I haven't laminated them yet, so I just stuck them on temporarily for the pics.  :)  I think they turned out cute!  I made 6, because I usually have no more than 6 table groups. These will hold our community markers.  Does it bother you that the font of the numbers is different on each side?  I can't decide.  But I like both fonts.  And they're already made.  LOL.

The other side:

I bought the polka dotted paper plates at Dollar Tree.  SCORE.  Then I cut out the background borders and vinyl letters on my Cricut and stuck them down.  Again, still have to laminate the letters.

I'll display my CAFE subheadings under these letters.

I bought these cute little buckets at Target (dollar spot) a couple of weeks ago.  
I cut out the vinyl letters on my Cricut, and I already had the sticker gems/jewels and just stuck them on to jazz them up.  I also added a few black polka dots with a Sharpie.

I decided to stagger the letters because I KNEW I wouldn't get them perfectly straight!
What do you think?  I can't decide if the jewels and dots make it too busy.

I actually bought some super cute pencil cups last year, but now they don't match my new color scheme!!  I'll probably gift them to another teacher, because they are very cute.  :)

I'd love to know your thoughts and/or suggestions!
Happy Monday!  I'm sad I only have a few more weeks with my baby before back to work.  :(

Of course, I'm linking up over at 4th Grade Frolics!  I hope you'll stop over and check out everyone's fun creations!  I've gotten so much inspiration from everyone's ideas.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Guilty Pleasures Linky Party

What a great idea for a linky, huh?!  A big thanks to Ashley Kathleen at The Resource Room Teacher for hosting this!

So here we go!

Oh, guilty pleasures.  Ahem.

My hubs would say that my number 1 guilty pleasure is trash t.v.  He hates pretty much every show I watch, LOL!

Here are some shows I love to watch that he wishes would be cancelled so I would have no choice but to stop:

-The Vampire Diaries.  Ian Somerholder.  Enough said.  I will never stop watching.  LOL.

-The Real Housewives of New Jersey.  When did Teresa jump aboard the crazy train?  Remember when she used to be nice?

-Dance Moms.  First, I love to watch dance because I can't do it.  Second, that woman is insane.  Highly entertaining.

-The Bachelor.  What can I say?  It's a train wreck.  I can't look away.

OK, there are PLENTY more, but I'll stop.  We could be here all day with "guilty pleasure t.v." I watch.  :)

Another guilty pleasure...Braum's Ice Cream.  Specifically Cookies 'n' Cream.  It reminds me of spending summers with my Gran and going to Braum's together.  She passed right before my 18th birthday, so I cherish my memories of her.  I don't have a Braum's close to me, so I stop by almost every time I visit my parents.  Yesterday I went, and they were out of Cookies 'n' Cream.  'Twas a sad, sad day, folks.  But I got Butter Pecan instead.  It's a close 2nd.  :)

Guilty pleasure in the summer: NAPS.  Oh, how I love naps.  I don't get as many as I did before I had a baby, haha!  But sometimes I nap when he does, and it's glorious.  Incidentally, the times I have brought up introducing a "nap time" to my students, they have been totally on board!  LOL.

McDonald's McGriddles breakfast sandwiches.  They are the DEVIL and probably why I can't seem to get those last 10 pounds of baby weight off...14 months later...ahem.

OK, that'll have to be all for now, as I have to figure out what I'm teaching during my tutoring session tomorrow morning!  Ah, procrastination.  

Don't forget to check out everyone else's guilty pleasures over at The Resource Room Teacher.

More Awards!!

Oh YAY.  It is so fun to get awards, and even MORE fun to get new followers!  So yay and thank you to all of you who are following my little ole blog.  :)

Am I allowed to claim these awards if I've already been given them?  Well, it's the thought that counts, right?  :)

OK, so first off, The Versatile Blog Award.  Thank you to Danielle of Scrappy Teaching for nominating me!

Versatile Blogger Award:
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.  (Thank you, again!)
2. Include a link to their site. (See above.)

3. Include the award image in your post.
4. Give 7 random facts about yourself. 

1.  I am obsessed with chips and queso.  I could eat it every day of my life.

2. Tonight I had a singing engagement (haha) at the Elks Lodge where my dad's a member.  My mom's in charge of "ladies fun night," so I was the "fun" this month.  HA.  But no, it was fun, and the ladies loved it.  I sang 8 songs and talked a lot in between.  I love singing, and I love talking: win-win.

3. I met my husband on  Sort of.  He actually emailed my BFF and roommate at the time on Match, and then she set him up with me instead.  It's like she KNEW.  She was our maid of honor at our wedding, too.  :D

4. I have worked many jobs, including lots of temp jobs when I lived in NYC.  The worst was working the 3-11 pm shift at a hotel front desk, then commuting back to Queens that late at night when the subway/buses are practically abandoned. SCARY.  Lol.

5. My son is named after the Hudson River in New York.

6.  If I was a boy, my name would have been Evan.

7.  I was hired by the school where I student taught in the same grade level.  I have been at that school ever since!  This will be my 6th year, and I LOVE the people I work with.  Some of my best friends are my co-workers.  We are like a big family.

Next, the One Lovely Blog award.  Thank you to Karmen of Karmen's Kinders of Room 103 for nominating me!

For receiving this award I have to...

1. Follow the person who gave me the award. Yep.

2. Link back to the person that gave me the award.  See above.

3. Pass to 15 new bloggers and then let them know they have received the award... Well, I feel like I just did this, so I certainly can't come up with 15 new bloggers since a week ago, LOL!!  I'll try to come up with a few new blogs to honor!

And finally, a big thank you to Jennifer of Darling Little Learners for nominating me for TWO awards!  The Versatile Blog Award (above) and the Liebster Blog award!

This award is named for the german word "Liebster", which translates to  "beloved" or "favorite" and is given to a "new, up and coming blogger".

Here are the rules:
1. Link back to person who gave it to you
2. Post the award to your blog.
3. Give the award to at least 5 bloggers with less than 200 followers.
4. Leave a comment on the five blogs to let them know that they have been offered the award.

OK, here are a couple new peeps I'd like to nominate for the above awards (any and all!):


Thank you ladies so much again for nominating me!  It always feels good to be recognized, and it is so great to meet more fellow bloggers.

-Mrs. C.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Another Monday Made It

I'm glad to be joining up for 4th Grade Frolic's Monday Made It again this week!

Last week I was off in the beautiful Destin area, and while I did work on some designs for my classroom (I know, shame on me for working on vacation), I didn't do any projects.

This was my view:

It was nice.  Now I'm back in the dang Texas heat.
Wait, where was I?  Oh yeah.

Well, today I did a simple project.  I'm not underestimating myself here.  It was the simplest of simple projects.  Which works well for me.  I am a woman of big ideas but small capabilities.  Crafty-wise.

I found these little goodies guessed it, the Target Dollar Spot.  Man, I loves me some of that mess.

My classroom for the past 5 years has been a beach theme.  I haven't decided if I'll be keeping the beachy aspect or not, but I'm going to narrow down my plethora of bright colors (I LOVE bright colors) to just teal, lime, and black.  So I got me some goodies last week.  (Keep in mind my 2 favorite colors are teal and lime green, so I already had a ton of them in my room.)

Anyway, all I did was hot glue some coordinating ribbon around each of these little buckets.  They're going to be my table buckets, so I made 6 of them.  

They are FAR from perfect, but I'm not too anal retentive, and I plan to punch out some circles, etc. with my Cricut and mount the table numbers on the sides.  Hopefully that'll cover where the two ends of ribbon meet, at least.  Did I mention I got the ribbon for 60% off at Michael's??  YES MA'AM, that's what I'm talking about!

That's really all I've got unless you wanna see the program I created for my cabaret performance tomorrow night at the Elks Lodge Ladies' Fun Night.  (The things I do for my mother, people.)

And just because he is SO darn cute, and I can't resist: 

my little man helping me in the kitchen today.  
And by "helping," I mean taking everything out of the lower cabinets.  

Be sure to stop by 4th Grade Frolics' blog to link up and/or to find some new project ideas (just we all need, right?)!

Nighty night.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Newbie Blog Hop!

I came across a fun little blog hop over at Grade Three is the Place for Me!

Thanks so much for hosting; what a great idea to "meet" other new bloggers!

Here's what we are supposed to share for this party:

1.  what state you are in
2.  your current teaching position
3.  your teaching experience
4.  when you started blogging
5.  share a blogging tip / blogging resource

So here we go:

1.  I'm in North Texas

2.  I will be teaching 2nd grade this year

3.  I taught 3rd grade for 3 years, and this will be my 3rd year in 2nd.  LOVE IT.

4.  I started blogging personally back when I moved to NYC to finish college in 2002.  Yes.  I've been blogging for a VERY long time, and in that time I've had probably about 5 different personal blogs (due to privacy and other issues).  I've had a classroom blog as a means of parent-teacher-student communication for about 3 years now.  To visit that blog and see some of what goes on in my classroom, check it out at: Mrs. Cockrell's Class.

5.  I think it's really important to have an uncluttered blog where it's easy to find the following things:
--how to follow you/become a member
--past posts/archive
When I'm trying to decide if I want to follow a blog, I always look at lots of their past posts and even at the titles of old posts to see if it's things that I might find helpful/interesting.  If you don't have your archive on your sidebar and easy to find, then I have to scroll down and click "older posts" every. single. time.  Which is time consuming and unhelpful.  At which point, let's face it, I'm just gonna click on over to the next blog, because there are SO many blogs out there, you have to pick and choose.  Just my personal opinion.  :)

Thanks again to Grade Three is the Place for Me for hosting; love this idea!  Be sure to click the icon at the top to visit the Blog Hop and meet other newbie bloggers!

-Mrs. C.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

You like me! (Bloggy Awards)

What a great day--I was given awards by 2 different blogs!

Thanks so much to Dede at A Series of 1st Grade Events for giving me The Versatile Blogger Award and to Emily and Antoinette at 4321...Teach for giving me the One Lovely Blog Award.  As a newbie blog, I'm always ecstatic when I get a comment, but a comment AND a blog award in ONE?  That's some serious awesome-ness in my day, folks.  So thanks again, lovely ladies!  I do appreciate it.  :)

Now let's get down to brass tactics.

First up,

Why, thank you, I'm feeling rather lovely today.

Here are the rules for this award:

1.  Follow the person who gave you the award.  (Gladly!)
2.  Link back to the person that gave you the award. (See above.)
3.  Pass the award on to 15 new bloggers.  (See below.)

 Next up is...
Yeah, baby.  I'm versatile.  I can blog a little this, blog a little that.  Whoo!

Here are the rules for this award:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.  Thank you, again!!!
2. Include a link to their site. (above)
3. Include the award image in your post.
4. Give 7 random facts about yourself. (below)
5. Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award. (below)
6. When nominating, include a link to their site.
7. Let other bloggers know they've been nominated. (will do)

OK, here are my 7 random facts:

1) When I was in 4th grade, my best friend from down the street accidentally hit me in the head with a sledge hammer.  True story.  I have the scar to prove it.

2) I grew up in Texas and graduated from college in NYC.

3) I have been in LOTS of plays/musicals.  Mostly musicals.  I haven't done one since I got preggo with baby boy 2 years ago, though.

4) My degree is in music, not education.  And I don't want to teach music.  (People always ask me that.)

5) I started blogging personally when I moved to NYC in 2002.  Yes.  I've been blogging for 10 years. That's a third of my life.  And I totally blogged before it was cool.  LOL.

6) I am addicted to reality trash t.v.

7)  I don't like the number 7.  And I don't think it's lucky.

Now, here are my 15 peeps I'd like to send out the Versatile Blogger Award AND the One Lovely Blog Award to!  Ahem, here are the 15 peeps to whom I'd like to give the awards?  I think so. Ugh, grammar.  Anyway, go check out these blogs:

Whoo hoo, I even found some new blogs in this process!  

Of course, don't forget to stop by the lovely blogs who awarded me and made my day!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

CAFE Headers Freebies

Well, I planned to get a lot done this week.  Then my son got sick.  Then I got sick.  And we're STILL sick.  Ugh.  Don't you just hate being sick in the summer?  It's like, WRONG or something.


I did make something a few weeks ago that I'd like to share with whoever may be able to use it.  I made these cute headers for my CAFE bulletin board.  I didn't have a CAFE bulletin board last year.  Because I didn't do CAFE.  See, we were told back in like, September that we were going to be doing Daily 5.  Only we hadn't been trained.  Or read the book.  So basically I had enough on my plate to figure out how to implement Daily 5 without also taking on CAFE.  Good times.

So yeah.  I digress.  As usual.  Adult ADD.

So here are the files.  There are 2, because I made several different designs.

Here's a preview of the 1st file, which has one set of headers with red and blue stars and a set with orange and green stars.  (Click the image to download on TpT.)

The 2nd file has 2 other versions.  The first is 4 different brights with white polka dots, and the second design is bright colored stripes.  Here's a preview.  (Click the image to download on TpT.)

I'm linking up with Made It Monday over at 4th Grade Frolics.  I am so excited to have come across this linky party!  I have already seen such amazing ideas from you people!  :)  Keep 'em coming.

I know most people link up their classroom craftiness, and I have lots of that on my list, but I just didn't feel up to anything this week, and I hope the linky party will get the freebie out to more people who can use it!  :)

I hope these will help make someone's life a little easier.  :)  Just print, laminate, and staple 'em up.  I'd love to know if you like these or have any suggestions.  Thanks for stopping by!


Saturday, July 7, 2012

On My Nightstand

I have issues.  With reading, that is.  I love it.  So much that I'm always reading too many things at once.  ESPECIALLY during summer.  Also, I read magazines back to front.  It's an illness.

So here's what's currently on my nightstand (or on the floor next to my nightstand, to be more accurate; my nightstand is covered with various medications and dirty tissues):

The CAFE Book
by The Sisters
(bought for myself on Amazon)

We implemented the Daily 5 for the first time this past year, and I'm looking forward to incorporating it with CAFE.  I went to a workshop the week after school got out, and it seems just as great as D5.  Unfortunately, I've yet to crack this one open.  Mostly because I'm already reading another school book...

Work Hard.  Be Nice.  
by Jay Mathews
(borrowed from school)

Each team is required to read a set of 5 books this summer (as in, each person picks one, not we all read all 5, thank God).  I chose this one because I actually put it on our list of books I'd like to have available to us in our library.  It is very good so far; about 2 college graduates who signed on with Teach for America and how they fell in love with the kids in their inner city schools, and therefore, fell in love with teaching.  They are the guys who started KIPP Academy, if you've heard of it.  I'm about halfway, but it's a quick read, and I recommend it if you're looking for some inspiration.

Positive Discipline the First 3 Years 
(found at my brother's house and took it)

I have a 13 month old.  And this is my first time being a parent.  So I know nothing about it.  Need I say more?  I like this book so far.  I'm on like Chapter 9 or something.  It's hard to keep track when you're reading so many freakin' things simultaneously.  LOL.  

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Feeding Your Baby and Toddler
by Elizabeth Ward
(someone who thinks I'm an idiot my mom bought for me)

Again.  I have a 13 month old.  And not only do I not know how to discipline him, but I don't know how to get him to eat big people food.  *sigh*  He will basically only eat pureed baby foods, yogurt, cheerios, mum mum crackers and puffs.  With a few exceptions, but it totally depends on the day.  This book isn't really helping me much with my son's picky-eating issues other than to tell me the fancy-pants name for it.  Something or other-phobia.  Thanks for that.  Now tell me how to fix it.  

White Girl Problems
by Babe Walker

Please don't read this book if you are easily offended.  Or if you don't like cursing.  Or the word vagina.  You've been forewarned!  That being said, this book is hilarious.  I'm reading this one on my Kindle.  I hard core love my Kindle, but one can only afford to buy so many books at one time, eh?   

I'm usually reading a fiction book, chick lit, etc., but after finishing The Beach House by Jane Green last week, I decided I'd better read my school books before starting a new "for fun" book.  :)

So what's on your nightstand, peeps?  Anything I should read?  

Friday, July 6, 2012

Currently...Catching Up!

Well, it's official.  I dropped off the face of the bloggy planet.  School is out, summer is about halfway over already (*sob*), and I have mostly recovered/moved on from the horrible end to the year I had.

You know how there are just people who only care about themselves and will do anything to help themselves, regardless of how it may hurt others?  Yeah.  Those people can suck it.  Also?  I THINK I FINALLY (MIGHT) know what grade I'll be teaching next year.  Oh yeah, it's one of THOSE situations.  Alas.  Don't get me started on that one.  But I digress.  I'm working on getting a happy attitude in my heart (and on my face) before we go back in August.

I will say that I have LOVED discovering Pinterest this past year, because it has revived my excitement for the classroom and ways to teach, organize, decorate, etc.  Such a great resource with amazing ideas, many of which I will be tackling before school starts.  Yay.

Well, here's my contribution to Farley's Currently Linky Party for July.  This blog doesn't have much to look at, so if you're interested in what went on in my classroom this past year, you can check out my classroom blog (link on the left sidebar).  :)  Holla.

My little guy turned one in May, and he is at SUCH a fun age!  He finally started walking, and he's talking more after having tubes put in his ears.  He is just learning and doing so much.  He is also much more attached to Mommy than he ever was before.  So August is going to be pretty hard for us both, I think!  Pobrecito.  

The hubcap and I are going to the Destin area here pretty soon, and there is so much crap to get done before then.  Cry me a river, for I'll be leaving the baby for the first time EVER, and for nearly a whole week!  :(  I'm nervous but excited to get away with the hubs.  

BOOKS!  I LOVE to read aloud the Wayside School books by Louis Sachar.  Fabulous writer, hilarious books.  My students never laugh as much as they do listening to these books.  So fun.  Although, for a short read, I also LOVE reading aloud ANY of the Skippyjonjones books.  I get to use my Texican accent, and the kids love it.  

I don't really have an ongoing "go to" professional book, because I pretty much stopped reading those when I graduated, HA!  But this summer, I'm reading the CAFE book so I can (hopefully) implement it correctly this year.  Good times.

OK peeps, if you've made it this far, you get a gold star, or a slap on the back, or something.  THANKS and peace out, happy summering to ya.


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