Friday, July 6, 2012

Currently...Catching Up!

Well, it's official.  I dropped off the face of the bloggy planet.  School is out, summer is about halfway over already (*sob*), and I have mostly recovered/moved on from the horrible end to the year I had.

You know how there are just people who only care about themselves and will do anything to help themselves, regardless of how it may hurt others?  Yeah.  Those people can suck it.  Also?  I THINK I FINALLY (MIGHT) know what grade I'll be teaching next year.  Oh yeah, it's one of THOSE situations.  Alas.  Don't get me started on that one.  But I digress.  I'm working on getting a happy attitude in my heart (and on my face) before we go back in August.

I will say that I have LOVED discovering Pinterest this past year, because it has revived my excitement for the classroom and ways to teach, organize, decorate, etc.  Such a great resource with amazing ideas, many of which I will be tackling before school starts.  Yay.

Well, here's my contribution to Farley's Currently Linky Party for July.  This blog doesn't have much to look at, so if you're interested in what went on in my classroom this past year, you can check out my classroom blog (link on the left sidebar).  :)  Holla.

My little guy turned one in May, and he is at SUCH a fun age!  He finally started walking, and he's talking more after having tubes put in his ears.  He is just learning and doing so much.  He is also much more attached to Mommy than he ever was before.  So August is going to be pretty hard for us both, I think!  Pobrecito.  

The hubcap and I are going to the Destin area here pretty soon, and there is so much crap to get done before then.  Cry me a river, for I'll be leaving the baby for the first time EVER, and for nearly a whole week!  :(  I'm nervous but excited to get away with the hubs.  

BOOKS!  I LOVE to read aloud the Wayside School books by Louis Sachar.  Fabulous writer, hilarious books.  My students never laugh as much as they do listening to these books.  So fun.  Although, for a short read, I also LOVE reading aloud ANY of the Skippyjonjones books.  I get to use my Texican accent, and the kids love it.  

I don't really have an ongoing "go to" professional book, because I pretty much stopped reading those when I graduated, HA!  But this summer, I'm reading the CAFE book so I can (hopefully) implement it correctly this year.  Good times.

OK peeps, if you've made it this far, you get a gold star, or a slap on the back, or something.  THANKS and peace out, happy summering to ya.



  1. I've been using Daily 5/CAFE with my 5th graders for the past 2 years. We just chatted about this on #5thchat on Twitter. You might want to check out the archives:

    Scroll all the way down and it should be on the right side. Hope it helps you out. :)

  2. Wayside School books are some of my FAVORITES! So much fun, and nice and short so I can throw them in when we have a few extra minutes!

    I love all of your designs as well, so I'm nominating you for a bloggy award! Stop over to my page to pick it up!

    dede @

  3. Michelle, thanks for the tip! I have yet to figure out how to really use Twitter, but I will check out the archives!

    Dede, thank you so much for the award! I'm heading over to your blog now! :D

  4. Hey Gayla! It is Shannon from The Teaching Reef! Just wanted to do my rule of 3 from Farley's Currently post! I love the colors of your blog and that your favorite professional book is the CAFE. I just started reading the Daily 5 book this summer and I am looking into reading the CAFE since I fell in love with the other one. I would love to see you stop by my blog!


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