Wednesday, July 25, 2012

More Awards!!

Oh YAY.  It is so fun to get awards, and even MORE fun to get new followers!  So yay and thank you to all of you who are following my little ole blog.  :)

Am I allowed to claim these awards if I've already been given them?  Well, it's the thought that counts, right?  :)

OK, so first off, The Versatile Blog Award.  Thank you to Danielle of Scrappy Teaching for nominating me!

Versatile Blogger Award:
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.  (Thank you, again!)
2. Include a link to their site. (See above.)

3. Include the award image in your post.
4. Give 7 random facts about yourself. 

1.  I am obsessed with chips and queso.  I could eat it every day of my life.

2. Tonight I had a singing engagement (haha) at the Elks Lodge where my dad's a member.  My mom's in charge of "ladies fun night," so I was the "fun" this month.  HA.  But no, it was fun, and the ladies loved it.  I sang 8 songs and talked a lot in between.  I love singing, and I love talking: win-win.

3. I met my husband on  Sort of.  He actually emailed my BFF and roommate at the time on Match, and then she set him up with me instead.  It's like she KNEW.  She was our maid of honor at our wedding, too.  :D

4. I have worked many jobs, including lots of temp jobs when I lived in NYC.  The worst was working the 3-11 pm shift at a hotel front desk, then commuting back to Queens that late at night when the subway/buses are practically abandoned. SCARY.  Lol.

5. My son is named after the Hudson River in New York.

6.  If I was a boy, my name would have been Evan.

7.  I was hired by the school where I student taught in the same grade level.  I have been at that school ever since!  This will be my 6th year, and I LOVE the people I work with.  Some of my best friends are my co-workers.  We are like a big family.

Next, the One Lovely Blog award.  Thank you to Karmen of Karmen's Kinders of Room 103 for nominating me!

For receiving this award I have to...

1. Follow the person who gave me the award. Yep.

2. Link back to the person that gave me the award.  See above.

3. Pass to 15 new bloggers and then let them know they have received the award... Well, I feel like I just did this, so I certainly can't come up with 15 new bloggers since a week ago, LOL!!  I'll try to come up with a few new blogs to honor!

And finally, a big thank you to Jennifer of Darling Little Learners for nominating me for TWO awards!  The Versatile Blog Award (above) and the Liebster Blog award!

This award is named for the german word "Liebster", which translates to  "beloved" or "favorite" and is given to a "new, up and coming blogger".

Here are the rules:
1. Link back to person who gave it to you
2. Post the award to your blog.
3. Give the award to at least 5 bloggers with less than 200 followers.
4. Leave a comment on the five blogs to let them know that they have been offered the award.

OK, here are a couple new peeps I'd like to nominate for the above awards (any and all!):


Thank you ladies so much again for nominating me!  It always feels good to be recognized, and it is so great to meet more fellow bloggers.

-Mrs. C.


  1. Wow! What a day! Congratulations on your awards!
    First Grade Found Me

  2. Thanks, Chrissy! So fun! I am so excited about all my new followers! I love blogging! :D

  3. Thanks for the awards and congrats on your new followers! I am following you now! P.S. I agree about Ian Sometholder! He is one of my faves too!



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