Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Year's Resolutions: Linky Party

Well, I am trying to finish off 2011 with a bang here since I have yet to get much posted on this new blog o' mine.  Good times!

Thanks to Mor @ A Teacher's Treasure for inviting me over to her Linky Party:


Great idea, and it's something I need to get thinking about anyway, so thank you for getting me motivated! :D


1. Copy and paste the above image to your post & link it to the party on the post.
2. Make sure you include both personal & professional goals.
3. No more then 3-5 goals for each.

Here are my 2012 New Year Resolutions:


1) Sign up for a new gym membership before I go back to work on January 3rd  (I cancelled my old one when I was preggers and never went.) and go to said gym for exercise (being specific lessens the chances for me to back out through loopholes-HA) at least once a week, preferably twice.
2) Read to baby every day.  (I know; I am a horrible, awful excuse for a mother/teacher.)
3) Cook at least every other week, even if it's something easy.
4) Make time for hubby; it's hard when there's a baby to take care of and dote on.  :)


1) Try to look on the bright side and stop referring to my classroom as my "prison cell."  (It would be funnier if it weren't so true.)
2) Continue to develop new activities (including more Smartboard Word Work) for our Daily 5 rotations and just get Daily 5 streamlined in general.
3) Improve my time management so that I'm not doing lesson plans the Sunday before I teach them and so that I can leave school each day at a decent time (preferably by 4:00) to pick up aforementioned sweet baby.  :)
4) Keep my blog posting to at least once a week (classroom blog and this blog).

Thank you again to A Teacher's Treasure for hosting this great party--now maybe I'll actually stick to some/most/all of my goals!!??  One can dream...


  1. Reading to the baby is a MUST!!! Snuggle him up and read :)
    Don't feel guilty about the cooking :) non of us does! haha

    Thanks for linking up!

    ❤ Mor Zrihen ❤
    A Teacher's Treasure

  2. Oh, did it work? It looked like my link didn't show up on your post!

    Well, we did read FIVE books today, haha! He was entranced. Funny, he's gotten more physically active the last couple of weeks, but he will sit still longer now while I read to him. ?? I'll take it!

  3. Oh, I think it is easy to see your classroom as a prison cell (yes, even if you adore teaching). Teaching can be an alienating profession. Sometimes I feel lucky when I have time to visit any adult at work. I find blogging really helps with connecting with other teachers just like us!



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