Sunday, January 29, 2012

My First Lesson Freebie--Counting Coins Up to $1.00

Well, last week our school got two class sets of iPads!  It is AMAZING, and my class has already used them twice, plus I used them for my tutoring students.  (Yes. We are required to tutor 7 year olds.)  So ever since we used them the first time, my little brain has been working overtime to think of MORE ways we can use them besides just practicing our math facts, sight words, etc.  I came up with the idea that the students can "show what they know" using the CAMERA on the iPads (or the iPod Touches, for that matter)!

So I created a lesson in which the kids can use work mats to count coins equaling different amounts.  Then my plan is for them to snap a picture of their completed work mat.  Have you heard of the Bump App?  When the assignment is completed, each student will "bump" their iPad with my own device, and I'll have ALL of their work on my iPad.  From there, I can assess their work and hopefully upload it to our classroom blog.  WHOO HOO!  Can you tell I'm excited about using the iPads?!  :)  It's great to have something to get me excited, because I've been pretty burned out lately, to be honest.  And it's only January.  Sigh.  Long way to go till summer.  :)

If you like this activity and think you can use it, please let me know!  This is my first time really creating a lesson, so I would love to have some feedback.

You can download the lesson at Teachers Pay Teachers by clicking the link below:

Show Me the Money: Counting Coins up to $1.00

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  1. Those mats are so cute! I love your blog! New follower. :) Come check mine out for more math ideas and centers

    1. Thanks, Sarah! I will check out your blog, too!!

  2. iPads? Lucky you. Lucky, lucky, lucky!!! At my school they think having a document camera is huge technology. Wow! Your students will learn so much.
     Chrissy

    First Grade Found Me

    1. YES! We are VERY lucky to have gotten them! It's pretty darn awesome. We get technology stuff usually through "matching funds." Our school pays for half, and our PTO pays for the other half.


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