Monday, April 15, 2013

Alert! Amazing Target Find!

ALERT. I found an amazing little book at the Target Dollar Spot. You may want to grab your keys and read the rest of this post as you walk to your car. Yeah, it's pretty good.

Since I'm posting from my iPhone, all the pics will show up at the end, FYI.

It's called Brilliant Reader: a Book Log for Kids and Parents.

It's a whole book full of book log pages! See below for pics, but I think it would be perfect for Daily 5, allowing the kids to chart each book they read and get a little comprehension practice, not to mention reinforcing their writing skills.

The very last page is just a NOTES page, which I think would be a great place for them to jot down book titles they see a friend reading or that they want to check out from the library next time.

Another possibility is to send this home with them for a Happy Summer, Don't Forget to Read gift. :)

I haven't decided yet, but you can bet your sweet bootay that I bought 22 copies! :)

Run, don't walk, to your nearest Target! :)


  1. Great find but what caught my eye was the QR Codes in the background, a true technology teacher who is obsessed with QR Codes haha! Is this an activity that you created or that can be found in your TPT store?!
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    1. LOL! I hear ya--love those things and somehow didn't get around to using them until this year--can't believe what I've been missing! The ones in the background are from a FREEBIE! Made by Kristin Kennedy of iTeach 1:1--do you follow her?? If not, here's her link--her stuff is right up your alley!
      (Freebie is in this post!)

      Teach On.

  2. You should add this post to my linky. It is just about this: everything for a dollar. Anything you find, sell, love, buy, just for a dollar. So head on over!

    1. Hey, that's awesome! I have over 800 unread posts in my Reader feed... :( No way to catch up, so thanks for letting me know about your linky! I will definitely head over to link up! :)

  3. Score! Thanks for sharing. Maybe I can make it to Target before they close... : )

    Hokie Teach

    1. ooh! hope you made it and that your Target had them!

  4. Thanks for linking up! I think I have more unread posts--than you! What a great find!

  5. I just discovered your blog through a linky and I love it! I have been wondering how to incorporate a classroom blog. I teach 5th grade so I want to have my students update it and write their own posts. But I want it separate from my current blog. I love the way you have linked your classroom blog to your own. Thanks for the idea!
    easy peasy education

  6. Awesome find!



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