Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year Freebie

Hey there!

I created a simple, black line writing stationary for my students' New Year's Resolutions and wanted to share it in case anyone was interested.

I have seen some fabulous units on other blogs/TPT for New Year activities, but I frankly can't devote that much time to the holiday and must hit the floor running on Monday!  So we will read a New Year book, discuss the word "resolution" (resolve) and what it means to make a resolution for the New Year.

Then I plan to create a whole group Circle Map, just having the kids brainstorm some good goals they might have for the new year.

Finally, I'll have them write.  (And color.)  This will be displayed in the hallway, as it makes them feel special, like they've sort of been "published," and I find it helpful to let parents see their kiddos' writing as compared to their peers!  ;)

Please click the preview image to download from Teachers Pay Teachers, and Happy New Year!


  1. Hi! Saw a comment you made on Erica Bohrer's blog and your blog title caught my eye. :)

    Happy to have found your super cute blog!
    Your newest follower - Lisa
    Growing Firsties

  2. Oh, thanks so much for checking me out!! Erica is amazing! :)

    Happy New Year!!



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