Friday, January 3, 2014

So I'm Teacher of the Year. WHAT?!

Yeah.  Craziness.  December 5th we had a staff meeting to find out who was the new Teacher of the Year, and lo and behold, it was ME.  *Cue the shock & awe, folks.*

Little ol' me

My silly team nominated me, and so did one of our fab Kinder teachers.  I was so shocked, I just stood there!  Someone made the comment that it was the first time they'd ever seen me speechless.  So true.  I always have a comment for everything, lol.

My principal had called my parents, so they were there to surprise me, and while my hubs was out of town for business (bummer), one of my besties who used to teach with me came up, as well.  So neat.

My principal and me

My principal created a Pinterest board for the new Teacher of the Year reveal.  Pretty funny because she always jokes that my classroom looks like Pinterest threw up in it.  LOL.

When she displayed the Pinterest board on the screen, I slowly started to realize that all the pictures she had pinned were of things I had created for my classroom.  It finally started to dawn on me that the new Teacher of the Year must be ME!  Too funny.

The comments with the Pins were taken from the application my colleagues filled out about me.  Wow.

Unique personality?  Check.  It's part of what keeps my students awake, I think.  Haha.

O.K., I didn't create this poster!  I believe I found it on
Technology Rocks Seriously's blog.  :)

So it's possssssible that I could be overheard saying "Ain't nobody got TIME for that!" multiple times a day.  Just sayin'.  (So this was a fitting tribute to me, for sure, lol.)

So yeah.  Pretty dang cool.  And now come the writing of the 6 essays, the observation, and the interview by a panel.  Say HUH?!  Yikes.  Excited about the honor, but a liiiiiiittle stressed about the rest!  :)

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying the remainder of your time off.  This is the first somewhat-school-related thing I have DONE since December 18th, and I applaud myself!  :)

Here's to a great 2014 that includes good friends, good health, lots of love, and plenty of chips & queso.



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