Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Classroom Must Haves

I'm linking up with Courtney at Swimming Into Second (adorable blog!) for her Top Ten Tuesday!

This week's Top Ten is for the things you must have in your classroom.  

So here goes.

#1...My Smartboard

I get so frustrated when it's not working!  I am so used to touching the screen and writing on it.  It's the best.
I was the first teacher at my school to get one (wrote a grant), and now every classroom has one!

#2...Mr. Sketch smelly markers

These make my heart so happy every time I use them.  The kids always want to smell them when I pull out a new one, and I usually indulge them.  Who can blame them?!  These things are awesome!  And they write so bold and neat!

#3...paper chopper

I use this puppy all the time.  I don't call it a paper trimmer because this sucker doesn't trim.  It CHOPS.
Hard core, baby.  :)

#4...bright colored everything
My current classroom decor: lots of lime green and teal!
My old classroom decor.  Beach party!

#5...my Scotch laminator

This is the best purchase I made after hemming and hawing forever about whether or not I should buy it!
Wish I had bought it sooner!  It's perfect for small jobs like centers, task cards, etc.  I also like that it's a thicker lamination that what our school laminator does.  Plus, our laminator is usually on lockdown, and we have to wait for volunteers to come up and do it for us....no comment.  *ahem*

#6...my color printer

I have an HP something-or-other that also scans and all that jazz.  It prints fine, but it is a necessity!
We call it our "team printer," because the color printer in the office is pretty much off limits.
And frankly, who wants to walk across the building to get your stuff, anywho?!  I tell ya.

#7...labels (on everything)
Word Work & Work on Writing.  Labels!
Part of my class library.  LABELS.  They make me sane.  er.  SanER.
I also have almost every cabinet door/drawer labeled with my DYMO label maker.
(If only I was this organized at home...)

#8...my rolling chair

It looks something like this, but navy blue.  I am planning to recover it in a cute fabric this year.
This chair makes me happy.  I like to roll around in it.  I spend so much time controlling the SMARTboard for the kids, that it's nice to have a comfy spot to rest my butt.  :)

#9...storage bins

I love storage bins.  I worked last year to get more bins that matched or coordinated,
because I had collected so many random, mismatched ones!

#10...my teammates

This was my teamies and I at our Summer Conference before school started last year.
That's me on the right.  (So glad my hair has grown out some from when I chopped it off for Pink Hearts Fund!)
I don't know what I'd do without my amazing teammates.  They are SO fun to be with, and we are
constantly cracking each other up.  They make my job more fun and more bearable on those days that are
tough to get through!

So what are your top ten "must haves" in the classroom???

Go link up at Swimming Into Second!


  1. Thanks for linking up Gayla! I love your t-shirts in picture! I am also in love with storage bins and have way too many that don't match. I want to get more matching ones but I don't want to spend money on something I already have. What to do??

    Swimming into Second

    1. Oh, I loved our shirts this year, too! They say "Do what you love; love what you do, which has been our school theme for a few years." This year we're switching to some kind of superhero theme. :/ They were so bright and cute, and they were that super soft material. I wish we could keep them for another year, but I still plan to wear mine on jeans days when I can. :)

  2. I love your top 10 items! I have most of them in mine too.

    Team V's Second Grade Fun

    1. Great minds think alike, ha! I'll have to go check out your list!


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