Sunday, July 21, 2013

Vacation. Hmph. But Monday Made It. Yay!

I'll be linking up with Tara at her Monday Made It linky further down in this post.  Please feel free to skip ahead if you don't feel like reading about my crummy vacation, lol.  There are some Daily 5 Freebies, so it may be worth it for you to keep reading!  ;)

Well. Hubs and I went to Mexico to celebrate our 5th anniversary, which was June 21st.

"Celebrate" turned out to be a loose term, as we both got sick. Yep. We arrived midday Sunday, I was sick by Monday night, and he was sick by Tuesday night. I spent most of Tuesday in the room, but Wednesday I was able to spend a couple hours at the beach and even some time in the ocean.

We stayed in Playa del Carmen at one of those fancy resorts. It was beautiful. The ocean is gorgeous there. Hubs and I discussed and both agree that the sand in Destin is nicer (white), but the water is nicer in Playa.

Another interesting thing is that there were like NO Americans there. It was nearly ALL Europeans. So I couldn't understand anything anyone was saying. :D

One thing is for sure: when you're sick and unable to enjoy your vacation very much, it sure does make you miss your child more! We both missed our boy terribly and couldn't wait to get back to him Thursday.

Here are a few pictures I managed to get (on my phone, sorry):

Do you like my double chin?  

Europeans.  Lots of em.

View from the bar by the pool, where we took cover during the brief rainstorms that passed through.
There was also a swim up bar, which was my fave.

I looooooove the ocean.

Alas, I'm still feeling miserable, but I'm thankful to be back at home, at least!  The worst part is thinking about how much money we spent on a trip we hardly enjoyed.  :(  Oh well, what can you do???

I did manage to get a few things made for school on our flights, which is where my Monday Made It comes in.  I usually prefer to link up with cute crafty creations (I love alliteration, peeps), but I was in Mexico, so that was a no-go.  Though I have several crafty creations in the works, yay!

Here are a few updated things I've made if anyone is interested, and be sure to click the image above to see Tara's and everyone else's amazing "made-its!"

Free Daily 5 Posters in Teal, Lime & Orange Chevron & Polka Dots:
(Click link to download on TpT; click image to enlarge.)

Free Daily 5 Posters in Black & White Polka Dots:
(Click link to download on TpT; click image to enlarge.)

My Teaching Binder in Pueblo Primary:
(Click link above to view on TpT; click images to view.)

My Teaching Binder in Chevron Brights:
(Click the link above to view; click images to enlarge.)

God bless you if you made it this far!  :D

XO, Gayla


  1. The sand sure is white in Destin! Sorry you had a crummy vacation.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. so sorry for you! I was sick my entire honeymoon and they lost my luggage. I didn't leave the room. It was miserable. Glad your home. I love all of your binders stuff. Off to check it out.

    1. oh no--that is so awful!! and thanks for the compliment! :)

  3. So sorry you were sick on vacation! :-( But your updated signs and binders look great. :-)

    The Craft of Teaching

  4. Thank you for the Daily 5 posters. They're so cute!

  5. Your vacation pics are fabulous. They make me miss the beach and I just left! :) I'm your newest follower.

    Creating Lifelong Learners
    Follow me on Bloglovin'

    1. Aw, thanks! I know--I looooove the beach. Wish I lived close to one! Thanks for the follow!

  6. So excited I just found your blog - I am your newest follower via Bloglovin'! Come stop by if you get a chance :)
    The Sweetest Thing
    Follow me on Bloglovin'!

  7. Oh no! Sorry everyone got sick while on vacation. I like your chevron designs!

    Wild & Fun in Pre-K

    1. I know--such a bummer! But feeling better now! :) Thanks--I'm loving chevron these days, and it seems like everyone else is, too!

  8. We went there about 10 years ago and hubby got sick. The beach was beautiful, but that was about all I could recommend about it. Could even be the same resort. (Try Hawaii next time).

    1. We are saving up for Hawaii! Maybe for our 10 year! :)

  9. I really like your teacher binders. They are super cute. I'm your newest follower.

  10. Those teaching binders are cute! I am such a sucker for multicolored chevron!!

    First Grade Frenzy!

    1. I know. Must. Stop. Making. Everything. Chevron.


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